The Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal

Saturday 6 February 1836

The bush-fires around the town of Perth, within the past week, have threatened some danger. Lieut Armstrong promptly hastened with a detachment of the Military to render every assistance in extinguishing the lames, and succeeded in getting the fire under during the day. At night, however, it broke out again, when their, efforts were renewed, and, we must say, with a degree of alacrity and willingness which entitle them to our consideration. Lieut. King attended on the second occasion. We observed but few civilians so active as we could have wished ; we hope this arose from a persuasion that there was little danger, and not from a want of disposition to assist. It has been suggested, indeed we believe it was remarked by us at some period last year, during the prevalence of the bush fires, which it is almost impossible to guard against, that it would be advisable to clear a road all round the town. To do this immediately and effectually, we would call upon all the inhabitants, either by the crown labour or by supplying a substitute, to come to work with a willing hand. It would soon be done, and the aid of the Military, no doubt, could be obtained, by a representation. being made to the proper authorities. It requires but the exertion of one individual to put this in a train to be accomplished ;we hope some influential gentleman will step forward to effect it.


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