OUT OF MY MIND NO 2. The Doctor.


LOSSES TO BUSINESS PEOPLE. (1911, January 16). The Sydney Morning Herald.


“Advertising.” The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW)1 Jul 1911.

losses rosedale The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW 1842-1954), Monday 16 January 1911, doctor 1911 The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW 1842-1954), Saturday 1 July 1911 2

“ Best I find myself some medical treatment”, said Nell. “ I seem suddenly to not be feeling quite right.”

The two women made their way up the hill and just over the crest, Nell turned in at a small gate, leaving the Other to follow the lagoon along the track in the sand.

The young man sitting on the back step of the cottage smiled as the Old Lady approached.

“ Not much in the way of Trade up here today, My Nellie. We’ve dried the Rosedale people off and stitched them up. They’’re either tucked up neatly in Nurse’s beds or down there looking at the remains. A few have been taken home by their families but my work is done and everyone else is too busy watching the tide bounce her up and down to feel the need of me. Unless, of course, you ……. ?”

“Well. I might be asking for your help. I just might be. “

The young doctor chuckled a little. He had only been at the Heads a few months but he was fond of this Lady. She appealed to his humour and to his heart and those months had been enough to give him a fair idea that she could be up to something and could very well involve him in more than treating her aching knees or swollen ankles.

Well” said she. “ I have heard about the crew and the passengers being rescued. They tell me the bullion was taken off and that some of the cargo floated out to sea. Hear tell the flour and sugar in the holds are ruined by the saltwater. But I haven’t heard a whisper that explains the  sounds I heard from my bed last night. Come. Take a little walk with me. “

The two retraced  the steps that Nell had taken that morning. From time to time, she kicked a little of the sand or mussed up a plant beside the track with her staff.  She seemed to take no care at all in her walking and her long black skirt swished and tore at the edges of the salty plants.

The young doctor watched for a little as they walked and , keeping his eyes on the ground a little ahead of them, began to do as she was doing.

When they reached the top of the track which led down to the water, he turned and waited for her.

“That’s one fine mess we’ve made.”

“ Yes. Yes. Its just  fine ! “ she replied. “Just fine.”

Best you ask me in for a for a moment. “  said the young man.

They sat in Nell’s back room, looking out over the mouth of the River. Down below the Rosedale still struggled. Skewered on the rocks and the tide thrashing her. The interest in her was growing and people were beginning to realise that food was going to be short and mail was gone astray. Cost counting was beginning.

“ Now then” said the young Doctor. “ Whose blood was that in the sand ? “


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