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VINERThe Sydney Morning Herald  Saturday 16 August 1913,

I took up the WORDPRESS post a day challenge at the start of 2011 and the resultant blog is ON THE BENCH.

As I have been writing, I  began thinking of one of my keen interests which is the Historical Online Newspapers of the National Library of Australia, available along with other resources on their site called TROVE. Frequently, I come across small articles from these newspapers which leave me wondering what the real story was, or about what happened next, or what led to the small snippet I had found.

Such things as the well dressed body of a man aged 60-65 being found by the river down near Yamba. Or the  two railway workers found under Repton Bridge. One alive and one not.

I have decided to take one article per week ( maybe more), post it and then extrapolate  a story of my own from the Newspaper article, blogging a post of  250 – 1000 words ( thanks for that part of the idea go to DANA CREATIVE ).

The conditions I set upon myself for this OUT OF MY MIND category are :

  • post the article
  • write between 250-1000 words
  • no images
  • write without referring to other sources or verifying data, Its Historical Fiction.

A challenging  year this one.

If Mr Viner can do it, so can I !