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WILLIAM EDWIN RUDGE of NEW YORK had 400 copies of Longfellow’s THREE KINGS printed for his friends in MCMXX11. The Internet Archive has a copy online. I have sneaked a few 20th century into the Christmas entries. Forgive me.

santa sneaky1921

Try this 1921 VISIT FROM ST NICHOLAS. ON shifty looking Santa.

A visit from St. Nicholas (1921)

Author: Moore, Clement Clarke, 1779-1863; Ivins, Florence Wyman, illus; Rudge, William Edwin, 1876-1931; Rogers, Bruce, 1870-1957


IN 1848, ONE BROWN COW with a white star on its forehead and one horn broken off was missed on fortnight before Christmas. Jospeh B Holmes the owner of “The Wilderness” a run at Black Creek announced its loss in the MAITLAND MERCURY.

yuletide in naples

Yule-tide in many lands ([1916])

Pringle, Mary Poague; Urann, Clara A


The old, old wish (1911)

Nesbit Wilbur Dick, 1871-1927

sperrit of xmas