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The Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal

Saturday 10 February 1838

The Journal called the fires ” NATIVE FIRES” and described them as ‘ very destructive’. In Feb 1838, Mr Bourne’s house near the Guildford Road next to the Pine-Apple Inn was destroyed as were two other houses.

“These bush-fires are .extremely dangerous, and require the greatest caution in clearing away the bush near the premises.”


The Maitland Mercury, and Hunter River General Advertiser

Saturday 8 May 1847


The weather is still dry, and slight frosts have set in, so as to preclude the hope of an autumn-growth of grass this season. The pasturage, plentiful as it is, will consequently be subject to complete destruction by fire. Great care should be taken against the contact of this destructive element, which, otherwise, will he sure to devour the winter resources of our cattle, and leave us in a worse condition than that of last year. The kindling of a single bush-fire a month hence will spread destruction far and wide. It is to be hoped, therefore, that precautions will be taken against so great an evil during the first months of winter, and until the gradual thinning of the grass shall leave the danger of an extensive firing less imminent and certain.

May 6th, 1847.


The Perth Gazette, and Independent Journal of Politics and News

Saturday 10 February 1849


Annual Reports of the Protectors of


Perth, January 9, 1848.

The feed for stock has been destroyed to a great extent this season by bush-fires, which is attributable chiefly to the unusual abundance and luxuriance of the grass, consequent on the protracted rains of last year. The fire was thus spread from farm to farm unchecked. It is to be regretted that the feed which, under present circumstances, was of such essential consequence to the settlers for the support of their flocks, should have been thus consumed : but however careless the natives may be in the use of fire in their various pursuits, there appears to be no intention to injure the settler.