Plant Dreaming Deep – said May Sarton.

Deeply  immersed in the 19th Century and regathering the whispers and the quietly written tales of  NewComers to Australia , I chose the name Electronic Quill for this site to acknowledge the combined power of the pen and the computer to re-member and to record these days. I find however that an American Accounting company uses the name and don’t therefore feel inclined to use it myself.

From the poem written by MELINDA KENDALL following the death of her son HENRY, I have chosen the name LETTERS IN SAND to replace the ELECTRONIC QUILL.

Melinda wrote these words

” He was born at the foot of the mountains,

He was taught his first letters in sand. “

That seems to me a fine title. So much was written or learned ” in sand “, by word of mouth, on papers that have seemingly vanished or been hidden away in the archives of libraries and family homes, and in limited copies available only to the  ‘ Few ‘ – who were frequently not  generous in their sharing with the Many who truly OWN this history.

Today digitisation and electronic publishing is bringing the hidden into the reach of the ordinary internet user. The privileges are being extended to the Lay Person and to Cottage on Hill Dwellers by such activities as the National Library of Australia Historic Newspaper Digitisation Project , by the crazed and plentiful Family Researchers, by Academics and Institutions etc and etc. THE TIDE HAS TURNED and for a beachcomber like me, what a splendid mass of material to sort through. Lets see what we have here.



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